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Gutter Maintenance

Lets start with the purpose of your gutter system. It is designed, if done right, to remove water as far away from the structure and foundation as possible. If your system is not working correctly, over time you home will begin to show signs of excess moisture.

Without proper drainage your crawl space or basement will be more damp than ideal, this can cause mold & mildew, spalling or efflorescence of the stone or concrete. The soil around your foundation will erode & this only makes matters worse, and faster.

At your roof area the water can begin to rot your fascia boards or your sub roof which begins the process of deteriorating your home. You will begin to see spots and staining on your ceiling and walls after that happens.

Your gutters should be properly attached to your roof edge and properly sloped to encourage proper drainage.

The down spouts should be securely attached to the structure and in a location that is not prone to getting hit, this prevents them from being crushed.

The leaders should extend six feet beyond the foundation or be tiled further away from the foundation or to a sump pit, or drainage culvert.

Now to the Bi Annual Maintenance. You should ensure your gutters, downspouts & Leaders as free of debris such as leaves, tree branches, shingle granules and anything else that has found its way there. Additionally you should be checking for any areas where the gutters are not securely attached to the structure or areas where they system has damage which may impede the flow of water.

If you are unsure about the condition of your gutter system give Giles Property Inspection a call!

For a list of my recommended gutter system accessories and parts, visit the Product Recommendation page.

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