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How Can We Help You?

Certified professional inspections

Help your clients build trust with a referral to a property inspection company that is certified and has build a trustworthy reputation. 

 By providing a referral to GPI, your clients will be given an honest and unbiased inspection of the property.  We know that as a real estate agent, you take pride in providing transparency to your clients; agents want their buyers to have full disclosure and be fully informed. 

As an agent, you want happy and confident clients who will refer your services to others in the community.  By providing a trusted and certified home inspection company, you are able to build that trust with your clients from the start.

Our certified property inspections can help your clients decide if a property is right for them.

By receiving an honest and unbiased inspection, your clients will be able to understand the issues at hand.  This can help agents and their clients work with the seller on certain issues and decide if this particular property would be a good fit for the buyer.  Property inspections can be a great way for you to really work with your clients to understand their needs and issues that they are not willing to work with when purchasing a property.  This transparency and trust will further build your reputation as an agent.

Agent Courses

As a certified member of Internachi, GPI can provide real estate agents with continuing education learning courses.  


As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of honesty and safety for your clients.  At Giles Property Inspection, we take pride in helping real estate agents provide an honest and unbiased property inspection for their clients.  

A home inspection is one of the most vital steps in real estate, whether your clients are looking to sell or purchase a home.


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