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Giles Property Inspection provides an array of services to homeowners who are looking to buy or sell their homes in Ohio.  If you are unsure of what kind of inspection or services you may need, please contact us today for a custom quote.  Buying a home will most likely be one of the biggest investments you make in your life.  It is extremely important for you to receive annual home inspections to detect any issues that may cause issues in your home.  We offer many services outside of a standard home inspection.    By contacting us, we can help you answer questions about our various inspections and services.  


Purchasing a home for most American's is the single largest investment they will make in their lifetime.  Let Gile's Property Inspection help you make one of the most important financial decisions in your life.  Ensure the property you are considering purchasing is up the standards by receiving an inspection from or Certified Professional Inspectors.  If you are buying a home in Ohio, contact us today to receive a quote for your home inspection.

Buying a Home? 

Home Inspections for those looking to purchase a home in Ohio.

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Looking to Sell Your Home?

Home Inspection - Pre-Listing

Having a quick and successful sale is pretty much the dream of every person wanting to sell their home in Ohio. One thing that you can offer to the prospective buyer is a pre-listing Inspection, this is a good way to promote the idea of honesty and transparency to your potential home buyers. It also provides an opportunity to preemptively find issues with your home and have them corrected before you start negotiating a sale.

Home Maintenance Inspection

If you’re afraid of making a mistake or having a few oversights when it comes to maintaining your property, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Every home in Ohio should have an annual Home Maintenance Inspection. Giles Property Inspection provides an impartial evaluation of your home and recommends maintenance items that need to be addressed.  This can help save money in the long run by addressing issues yearly before they become a major issue.

If you could help prevent your family from getting cancer, wouldn't you? Having your home tested for Radon is one way you can do that. The Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today. ( Radon seeps into your home from the ground below. Dangerous Radon levels occur in every county in Ohio.  It is extremely vital that your home is tested for Radon.  Call Giles Property Inspection today!

Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO's) include but are not limited to: subterranean termites, powderpost beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and drywood termites.  These little creatures can wreak havoc on your home destroying it bite by bite.  Termites alone are responsible for more than $50 billion in property damages yearly. Be sure you do not have any unwanted guests in your new home.  Gile's Property Inspection can help ensure that your home is not being destroyed by Wood Destroying Organisms with a simple inspection.

Mold Sampeling

Mold is potentially toxic, and it's growth should be prevented. The first step is knowing if mold is present in your home. This  testing will tell you what type of mold you have, if any, which will lead you down the correct path in correcting the problem. 

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) analyses the air quality within and around your home, especially as it relates to you health and comfort. The quality of air that you breath has a direct impact on your health and can greatly impact conditions such as Asthma, Allergies and many others. 

Water Quality Testing

Buying a new home, or just have a concern about your current home, don't let your drinking water make you sick or even worse. Have your water tested for Bacteria, Lead, and Nitrites. 

11th Month Warranty Inspection

Home Builders generally offer a 12 month warranty, let me make sure your new dream home is in tip-top shape.

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HUD Manufactured Home Certification (s)

This Service satisfies the lenders HUD Certification requirement for Manufactured Homes to have a loan 

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