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HUD Manufactured Home Certification(s)

MFD Home.jpg

Most Lenders and some Insurance Companies require the inspection of a Manufactured Home before approving the loan or extending insurance coverage. Typically they are looking for certification from an Engineer, however, if you go to the local engineering firm you can expect to pay $600-$1200 per certification, oftentimes you need a Foundation Certification, Additions Certification as well as a 1st Permanent Location Statement. 

These Certifications are looking to ensure that the home is installed in accordance with the HUD standards more information can be found at

Giles Property Inspection has partnered with an Engineering Firm to provide you with these certificates at a much lower cost as well as in a more timely manner.  Our base price is reasonable and if you order the additional certification(s) with the initial order it is much less expensive than ordering the other certifications at a later time. 

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