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Q-What area do you service?
A- Please view our common service areas here: Areas We Serve, if you are located outside of that area please contact us for more details. 

Q-What services do you offer?
A-We are always considering our services and adapting the best we can to the needs of our clients, you can click services to view a list of what we currently offer.

Q-Do I need to be at the inspection?
A- You do not need to be at the inspection, however, it is strongly encouraged that you are there for the last 30-45 minutes of the inspection time for a recap and an opportunity for you to clarify any questions or concerns you may have.

Q-Can you repair any of the items you find wrong with the home?
A- This is a two-part question, First yes I can do some repairs, however, I WILL NOT, do any estimates, repairs, or other non-inspection services to the property for an inspection client. This is a classic case of a conflict of interest. Not providing any repair services is one of the ways that we maintain our impartial, unbiased perspective on the home in question.

Q-The bank is sending an FHA, VA, or USDA inspector, do I still need a Home Inspector?
A-YES, the 'inspector' that comes from the bank is not an inspector they are an appraiser and they only have a small 'punch list' of items they are concerned about, some of which are really not big issues at all, and other large issues they don't even look at. 

Common Finds
During a Inspection
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