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4 Costly Mistakes Made in the Winter Months

#1 Not draining outdoor faucets

Frozen water, even a little bit, has the potential to cause significant damage. Rather than wait for your pipes to freeze and burst, detach the hose from the outdoor faucet, drain it, then use a simple protector to prevent cold air from entering your pipes.

Like this one

#2 Not preventing or getting rid of icicles

Icicles are a clear sign that you’ve got an ice dam, which is exactly what it sounds like: a buildup of ice on your gutter or roof that prevents melting snow and ice from flowing through your gutters. That’s really bad news because these icy blocks can lead to expensive roofing repairs, says House Logic. To prevent them, insulate your attic thoroughly (at least 14 inches, more in colder climates) to prevent ice buildup.

#3 Not cleaning out your gutters

While it might be tempting to opt for staying inside during the bitter cold, failing to unclog your gutters can lead to improper water drainage. Instead of flowing out to the street and away from your home, water will seep back into your foundation- which is never a cheap fix. Foundation patching can cost around $3,000 while an entire foundation rebuild can set you back over $30,000.

#4 Allowing cold air to get in

A simple tube of caulking can prevent leaks of cold air into your home. It’s available in hundreds of colors to match whatever materials you are trying to seal. Consider caulking around the dryer vents, baseboards, window sills, and any other potential entry points. Additionally, consider adding more insulation in your crawlspace and attic space.


Are you unsure if you home has any of these concerns? Give Giles Property Inspection a call to schedule your maintenance inspection today!

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